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Blahk Clothing Store: A Digital Marketing Success Story with

Effective Advertising Campaigns:

BLAHK initiated its marketing efforts on Facebook and Instagram. In the first month, an advertising budget of 20,000/- resulted in a revenue of around 32000/-. Encouraged by this initial success, the budget was increased to 50,000/- in October, generating 70,000-80,000/- in revenue.


Scaling Up for Greater Success:

Recognizing the potential for growth, BLAHK further increased its advertising budget to 80,000/- in November. This strategic decision paid off as the revenue surged to 3,00,000/-. The brand's increasing popularity, coupled with targeted advertising strategies, drove remarkable sales growth.


Exponential Sales in December:

December proved to be a breakthrough month for BLAHK. With a budget of 2,30,000/-, the brand achieved an extraordinary milestone, generating approximately one million rupees (10,00,000/-) in sales. The brand received approximately 1300 orders, with an average order value of 980 rupees, showcasing its ability to scale rapidly and cater to a diverse customer base.


Key Success Factors:

BLAHK’S success can be attributed to the strategic collaboration with TOP G and the implementation of key marketing strategies. The partnership enabled the brand to leverage expert digital marketing knowledge and tailor strategies for maximum impact. Continuous monitoring of advertising metrics and customer feedback allowed for data-driven decision-making and optimization.


Lessons Learned:

BLAHK journey highlights the importance of collaborating with digital marketing experts and gradually scaling the advertising budget to optimize returns on investment. By continuously monitoring key performance indicators and refining strategies based on data insights, BLAHK achieved exceptional growth within a short timeframe.



Through their collaboration with Top G BLAHK, experienced remarkable success in scaling their business. By focusing on website development and strategic advertising on social media platforms, the brand achieved rapid revenue growth. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of GrowthMaster's digital marketing expertise in driving success for e-commerce businesses.



Blahk Clothing Store, led by owner Zameer, partnered with Top G, a digital marketing company, to propel its business growth. Through website development and strategic advertising on Facebook and Instagram BLAHK experienced rapid success, generating impressive revenues within a short period of time.


Building an Online Presence:

With Top G assistance, BLAHK established a visually appealing and user-friendly website. This online platform showcased the brand's products and provided seamless shopping experiences for customers, setting the stage for future marketing endeavors.

Unlocking Success with the TOP GUN STUDIO'S
Strategy: A Dejavu Case Study

Dejavu logo

Want to take your online master class to the next level?

that's what Dejavu thought too - and that's where we came in!

Our team at Top Gun was approached by Dejavu to help increase conversions for their low ticket offering at Rs.499. And, let me tell you - we delivered!

We implemented the Godfather Funnel strategy, which included a highly-optimized landing page, targeted ad campaigns, and a tempting upsell at Rs.5499. And, the results were nothing short of a knockout! In just one month (January to February 2023), Dejavu generated Rs.125000 in sales with a total ad spend of just Rs.45k. That's like a heavyweight champion in the ring - dominant!

But, don't just take our word for it. Take a look at the payment gateway and ad manager screenshots, as well as the landing page, for yourself. The optimized landing page effectively communicated the value proposition of the low ticket offer and upsell, resulting in a TKO (technical knockout) in conversions.

Razorpay SS
1st Week
Razorpay SS
2nd Week
Razorpay SS
3rd Week
Razorpay SS
7 Upsell 
Razorpay SS
4th Week (price test)
In the Last 60 days, we were able to generate 1.88 L from all courses in total
Razorpay SS


With the Advertisement spent of just 54,000 only 
Ads manager


This case study is proof that with the right strategy, even the smallest businesses can knock out the competition. TOP G is proud to have played a part in Dejavu's success story and we're ready to do the same for you. So, don't be afraid to step into the ring with us. Let's see how many rounds we can go - and how much money we can make! Contact us today to learn more.

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